Small Business’s 

EmployER Health & Medical Plans

Small Business’s  EmployER Medical Plans are now guaranteed coverage  with just one common law employee  (AB 1083), who isn’t a spouse.  

No medical questions are asked! 

Small Business can enroll year around, you do not have to wait for Open Enrollment.   See the brochures and other pages in this section of our website, in the menu above, site map or child pages below.

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We are here to help you get the most from your Employer Group Health Plan.

Our services and consultation are free as long as you appoint us as your agent for no additional charge as we are compensated by the Insurance Companies to help you.

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Insurance Companies are required to do these things

AB 1083  – Non Grandfathered Plans   §1357.500 – 1357.516


Here’s the rules Insurance Companies must follow under ACA/Health Care Reform

CA Insurance Code AB 1083    §10753 et seq.  for Non Grandfathered Plans (PDF) HTML  


AB 1083 Definitions – Non Grandfathered Plans Health Care Reform 

§1357.500 – 1357.516


California passed AB 1083 (California AB 1083 Small Group Health Plans  pdf  HTML ) so that California law complies with Health Care Reform.  AB 1083 replaces Insurance Code §10753 and so forth, the  rules for Non Grandfathered Plans which we had previously under  AB 1672…Insurance Code 10700-10752.8  Here’s a summy from * CHFC 6 page pdf summary *

AB 1083, Monning. (our PDF with bookmarks & annotations)


California’s small business market in 2014 dropped by 11% to 2.1 million enrollees. Meanwhile, enrollment in the individual market increased by 47% to 2.18 million during the same period.  The sharp uptick in the individual market largely was driven by Covered California and the availability of subsidies to help pay for premiums for plans purchased through the exchange.

Learn More⇒  CA Healthline 5.26.2015

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  1. What are general rules around offering a plan to employees?
    1. Is there minimum number of participation by employees required?
    2. Minimum cost share structure by employer & employees?
    I don’t know what questions to ask. Do you have an overview / guide for employers considering?

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