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Introduction to AB 1672  (1992 – 2013) & 1083
Guaranteed Small Group Health Insurance

AB 1083 (2012 Monning) will update this law to comply with Obamacare PPACA. Insurance Code 10753 et seq 

AB 1672 provided that, ALL Small Business Employer Groups from 2 – 49 employees including self employed, with one employee, even a spouse, have the right to GUARANTEED availability of affordable Health & Medical Insurance coverage from ANY Insurance Company or HMO. (Insurance Code §10702 et seq.,  AB 1672 1992)

What this means to your company is that as long as  your firm meets the requirements all of our companies MUST write your coverage, including your dependents, wife, spouse and children.§10705 (g) 

CHAPTER 8. Small Employer Health Insurance [10700 – 10752.8]

( Heading of Chapter 8 renumbered from Chapter 14 (as added by Stats. 1992, Ch. 1128) by Stats. 1993, Ch. 113, Sec. 6. )

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  1. Guaranteed renewable under CA Insurance Code §10713.Which means your company or employees cannot be dropped in the middle of expensive cancer treatment or non renewed.

  2. An §(f) Eligible employee that can/must be covered, is basically one who works 30 hours/week for full time and 20 hours/part time.  Including husband and wife.

  3. An employee or dependent cannot  be excluded for medical reasons. §10707.

  4. Pretty much there are no Pre – X limitations(Insurance Code §10708)   6 months… but waived if one had prior coverage.

  5. HMO’s don’t have a Pre – X clause and the clause in PPO’s can be waived if the employee has  credible coverage. (§(r) id) This would include cancer and pregnancy.

  6. The rates or premiums for Employers are “leveled,” that is they and can’t vary more that 20% from the Healthiest to the sickest group that might have the most claims.  This factor is known as the  “Risk adjustment factor” or RAF and is basically determined by the claims experience or expected losses and how many employees are in the group.

  7. Employee’s Portion of the Premium can be deductible for Employer and Employee under a Section 125 POP Plan

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Liability Warning (Case Law) – be sure to add all eligible employees or get declination letters.

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