What Medicare Advantage Plan can I get that UCLA will Accept? 

UCLA Medical Center
Courtesy UCLA Website

Blue Shield  MAPD  is on UCLA’s Insurance’s Accepted webpage!

Blue Shield UCLA Medicare Advantage

UCLA’s website  Insurances accepted….

UCLA accepts Blue Shield

UCLA Health doctors and differences in accepted health insurance*

Certain UCLA Health doctors may not accept the same insurance plans that our hospitals do. (Find a provider at UCLA Health.) 

Please call the UCLA Health referral line at 800-UCLA-MD1 (800-825-2631) for the latest updates on which insurance a particular doctor may accept.

Check out other Medicare Advantage* plans that we offer

Medi-Gap – Supplemental
ANY Doctor or Hospital!

Including UCLA!

*Members must have a valid election period to disenroll from their Medicare Advantage plans such as AEP  Annual Enrollment or OEP Open Enrollment


Individual Plans

Blue Shield 2021 PPO & Trio

Steve explains how to navigate this page

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steve explains this page on ucla

Blue Shield Authorized Agent
No extra charge to you 

Blue Shield Logo & Enroll

Steve Video @ Blue Shield Headquarters

Insure Buy International Medical Coverage

InsuBuy International Medical Coverage – Instant Quotes & Enrollment

25 comments on “UCLA Medicare Advantage Plans Accepted?

  1. Hi. Nice site!

    I am on SCAN currently and it’s not meeting my needs.

    I want a low cost supplemental plan that covers me for the UCLA medical group.
    Oct 15th is when my plan expires.

  2. I have Medicare Part A and B does UCLA except Medicare ?

    If so how do I find a Doctor .

    I can pay for what Medicare doesn’t cover

  3. I am 70 years, one eye completely blind,

    I was with AARP, till last December 2016,, but Beginning January 1, 2017 , they have dis enrolled me.

    I make $855. From SSI Supplemental Security Income – Benefits and my husband who is enrolled with Kaiser gets $1045. Per month

    This January I went to see my doctor and was surprised to be billed $495. Which is the 20 % That I need to pay….

    Is there any place I can enroll for membership.

    I’ll appreciate any advice


    • You have Medi-Cal don’t you as it’s automatic with SSI, right? So, that would allow Medi-Cal to pay the 20% wouldn’t it?

      That might give you issues with Medi-Medi where Medi-Cal enrolls you in a Medicare Advantage plan themselves, but there are ways to get out of it.

      If you do have Medi-Cal, that allows you to enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan throughout the year, not just during Open Enrollment.

      So, the questions are:

      What Medicare Advantage plan did you want to enroll in?
      …It appears SCAN is the only plan UCLA takes from looking at their website. I don’t represent SCAN but can refer you to a friendly agent who does.

      Did you submit the bill to Medi-Cal?

      Is UCLA a Medi-Cal provider?

  4. Hello,

    thank you for all the useful PDF s you have posted on the internet.

    Can you help me with a situation that involves UCLA medical Group not renewing their contract with AARP?

    Do you know if and where there is real managed care?

    Patients like myself have a very difficult time receiving it if one has multiple chronic serious medical conditions. As you become more frail it becomes impossible to advocate for yourself.
    I have been at UCLA for a long time. They are no longer in the health care business, they are in the insurance business.
    They are loosing the good doctors.

    Please advise.
    It would be very appreciated.

    Thank you,


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