Motion Picture Industry Medical Hospital coverage
for Medicare Eligible Participants

Entertainment giant WarnerMedia has committed $100 million to help production crew members whose livelihoods have been threatened by the spreading coronavirus outbreak,   Read more

All Medicare-eligible members may enroll in the
Anthem Medicare Preferred (“PPO”) Plan.

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Those who reside in California also have a choice of one of two Health Maintenance Organization (“HMO”) plans offered through Health Net and Kaiser Permanente.  On the East Coast, Oxford Health Plans (a Point of Service Plan or “POS”) is an option.

If you are Medicare-eligible and enrolled in this plan, you must also be enrolled in Medicare Parts A & B.  

Summary Plan Description

Each July, for an effective date of August 1st, the Health Plan holds an Open Enrollment period so that you can select a different health plan for you and your dependents. Initially eligible Participants have one month to make their benefit plan selection. Enrollment for Motion Picture Industry Health Plan/Anthem Blue Cross and/or the DeltaCare USA is open year-round.

Do you also qualify for benefits under the Veteran’s Administration?

Side by Side Comparison of
Motion Picture Plan Options
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Motion Picture Plan Options

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  1. I want to change my plan from Anthem Medicare Advantage to Kaiser Medicare Advantage.

    Do I still have time to do this before January?

  2. Are you contracted by Kaiser to help their customers or do you have anything to do with them?

  3. How do I make sure I get all the benefits from the Union that I’m entitled to?

    Continuation of Kaiser Program – Medicare Advantage?

    Delta Dental?

    Vision Care?

    Shouldn’t they pay my Medicare Part B Dr. Visit’s?

    Part D Prescriptions?

  4. I don’t like these HMO Medicare Advantage Plans. Can I go outside and get a Medi Gap Plan?

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