4 comments on “Easy Pay Updates May 2018

  1. I tried to follow the Directions above and what Blue Shield gave gave me with no luck. So What am i suppose to do now?

  2. Hi there.

    I have a question about my insurance.

    There was a lapse due to a switch in Blue Shields auto pay draft date. I didn’t receive the initial notices that were sent.

    I was cancelled effective 1/31/18 and at that time I owed November, December and January. My case was referred to the review board and I was reinstated on 3/30/18 but they made me pay for February and March which were after the official cancellation date. This doesn’t seem right.

    I was injured during that time and had also run out of my monthly medication. I didn’t seek medical care for my injury and I went 2 solid months with no medication. Blue Shield also said that even though I had to pay retroactively for February and March when I was without insurance, I was also not eligible for the benefits of my plan.

    Can you advise if this sounds DD correct?

    I fully expected to pay Nov-Jan premiums to get back current, but being charged for 2 months AFTER being officially cancelled seems wrong.

    Thank you

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