Blue Shield Billing Issues

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Insure Me 12.21.2017 1.27.2015 ♦ 12.30.2015 update – still a mess

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Email Rec’d 5.18.2015 shows light at the end of the tunnel.

Hi Steve,
I have reviewed the account and confirmed that the payments below have been received and posted on the account.  The issue with the system not reflecting as current is due to the effective date and the payment posted.  I have sent over to our Installation and Membership department to correct the effective date.


As of 2014 we have two different systems that are used – one for billing and one for eligibility.  The online client list receives its information from the eligibility system.  That system is showing the initial binder payment posting in the incorrect amount.  I have sent over to our billing department to review the payments and correct the system.


Once these two issues have been corrected, the online client list will reflect the member paid to 5/31/15.  This has been documented under reference # 1xxx0.

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