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Preventative Care
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We are Health Net Authorized Agents for Individual and Family Plans and are happy to help you get the best coverage for your needs and situation.

Health Net compensates us to help you at no extra charge to you. Click here for some of the many benefits that an agent/broker can offer to the public. Call or email us 310.519.1335

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2017 Rates & Renewal Information

2016 Plan Overviews

Choices by Location – County


Platinum 90 HMO 164kB 10/30/15
Gold 80 HMO 162kB 10/30/15
Silver 70 HMO 32kB 10/30/15


Platinum 90 HSP 31kB 10/30/15
Gold 80 HSP 28kB 10/30/15

Silver 70 HSP 31kB 10/30/15

Bronze 60 HSP 32kB 10/30/15

Minimum Coverage HSP 32kB 10/30/15


In 2017 Covered CA mandates a Primary Care Physician for All Plans. Learn More Covered CA 2017 Plan Booklet Page 149

Probable 23% rate increase for 2017 Insure Me

Platinum 90 PPO 10/30/15

Gold 80 PPO 10/30/15

Silver 70 PPO 10/30/15

Bronze 60 PPO 10/30/15

Minimum Coverage PPO 10/30/15


Platinum 90 EPO 26kB 10/30/15

Gold 80 EPO 24kB 10/30/15

Silver 70 EPO 26kB 10/30/15

Bronze 60 EPO 26kB 10/30/15

Minimum Coverage EPO 26kB 10/30/15


EPO Disclosure

English 2.8MB 10/30/15

Spanish 2.8MB 12/02/15

Chinese 2.9MB 12/02/15

PPO Disclosure

English 164kB 10/30/15

Spanish 159kB 12/02/15

Chinese 292kB 12/02/15

HMO-HSP Disclosure

English 781kB 11/05/15

Spanish – Coming soon 1kB 11/10/15

Chinese – Coming soon 1kB 11/10/15


Resources & Links

Provider – MD Search ♦


Online Bill Payment Options English

Comparison HMO – EPO – PPO in and out of Covered CA Networks –

Preventative CareMore

Understanding your EOB – Explanation of Benefits

Glossary2014 Adult Dental

IFP Payment Options (Members)

English 112kB 03/26/15

Español (Spanish) 106kB 03/26/15

Chinese (Chinese) 731kB 03/26/15

Hints on getting coverage – terms – glossary for 2014

Rx List pdf


Member Services

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Account Service Unit: 1-800-447-8812 On Exchange 888-926-4988

Payment Address

Health Net
PO Box 60515
City of Industry, CA 91716


Silver PPO EOC Evidence of Coverage



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